Bird Buddi

Bird Buddi Bird Feeder HangerThe Bird Buddi bird feeder hanger is the perfect garden accessory for nature and wildlife lovers everywhere.

Bird Buddi requires no tools and will fit snugly over concrete fence posts.

This unique design is ideal for small or large gardens and is central to attracting wild birds into your garden.

The Bird Buddi bird feeder fence hanger can easily accommodate more than one bird feeder at a time. Simply hang a range of bird seed and fat ball feeders to the Bird Buddi to encourage a variety of birds to visit your garden over the winter months.

Outdoor lanterns can also be attached to the Bird Buddi, making it the ultimate multi-purpose garden accessory.

Bird Buddi bird feeder hanger is available in a range of colours including black, white, navy, green purple and copper.

The Bird Buddi can be supplied as a single item or as a gift pack which includes 2 x feeders plus seed.

Please click concrete post to identify which post shape you have before ordering.

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